Your giant merino wool chunky yarn.

CHUNKY Yarn - Giant yan for Chunky Knit Blankets & Plaids, Throws, Pillows and many more do-it-yourself projects that you can imagine.

CHUNKYwool Premium Merino Wool in more than 60 colours
Whether it's an XXL-sized arm-knitted blanket, a basket for your 4-legged darling or a hand-knitted scarf with an XXL look: here you'll find all the colours and as much CHUNKYwool Premium Merino wool as you need for your hand-knitting or arm-knitting project. 
Choose the colour group below and then choose from a variety of colours!

Not sure which colour you favour? 
From here or from the above menu COLOUR SAMPLES you can order free colour sample cards (free shipping within Germany) to simplify your colour decision! Because we only want happy customers and want your project to have the perfect colour.


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