CHUNKYwool care instructions - to ensure that you can enjoy your unique Chunkywool-item for a long time.

To ensure that you will be able to enjoy your CHUNKYWOOL premium wool for a long time, we recommend - as for every high-quality Merino wool product - dry cleaning or very mild professional hand washing by a professional dry cleaner.

Under no circumstances should the wool be washed in the washing machine (not even in the wool or delicates programme), tumble dried, treated with bleaching agents or ironed!

Dry cleaning tends to give the wool a more sturdy, slightly compressed surface.
Professional hand washing, however, leaves the surface fluffier - but pilling can occur sooner.
Information about care symbols can be found here.

The so-called pilling is a process that cannot be totally avoided due to the material used. With the right care, however, this process can be delayed to the maximum possible extent.

The so-called felting of the material is also a natural, unavoidable phenomenon. Here the naturally slightly wrinkled fibres of the wool surface get caught in each other by mechanical friction and compress the material, preferably during the cleaning process.
This is one of the reasons why we strongly advise against cleaning of Merino wool products at home. Apart from the fact that the wool shrinks, it felts to a great extent when wet-cleaned and is subject to mechanical stress during this process!

Leave the care of your CHUNKYWOOL product to a specialist!

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