How much wool do I need

Item Scarf Giant blanket Large


Appr. size (cm)   250 x 250 120 x 200 100 x 150 125 x 125 70 x 130 50 x 50
Appr. size (in)   100 x 100 50 x 80 40 x 60 50 x 50 30 x 50 20 x 20
Appr. amount (kg) 0.5 - 1.0 10 - 11 4 - 5 3 3 1.5 - 2 1

This table shows you at a glance, serves as a quick reference, how much of our CHUNKYWOOL XXL premium wool you will need for your knitting project. The weights are only approximate values, as the actual quantity depends on various factors.
Principally, knitting style, pattern and density or looseness of the loops are the primary, handicraft-related factors. Please do not stretch/pull the CHUNKYWOOL Premium Merino wool too much when knitting - for example if you notice a section being too "tight" and you would like to correct this. Loose knitting is the key to making your blankets, scarves and other items sleek, soft and cuddly, giving them the typical XXL look you want.

But how much wool do I need?

In addition to the general quantities above, we have Woman with CHUNKYwool XXL blanket in Thunder-Greyfound a very simple rule of thumb for you, which gives you pretty much exact information via the area of the respective blanket, scarf, jumper etc. how much wool you will actually need. 
Of course everyone has his own style of working, one knits looser, the other knits the loops tighter, depending on the desired look - everyone has his own handwriting, so to say.
It is recommended to use a little more wool (more loops per square meter = longer run length) for tighter knitting and a little less for a looser knitting style. 
Or in other words: the looser you knit, the more of the wool you have left over at the end... with which you can eventually knit a scarf to match the XXL-look jumper.

But to cut a long story short: you'll certainly want to know the rule of thumb now!
It is:
1 kg = ½ qm

Or in plain words: with one kilogram of wool you can knit half a square meter.

As we know that it is sometimes difficult to calculate the exact area of a garment, we have prepared the above table for you - as a reference for the most common creative projects that we believe our customers will knit the most.

Now it's up to you, come up with your personal DIY project and get started!

If you are still not sure how to choose the right quantity, please contact us either by email or via the contact form.
The same applies to the right colour: our 45 beautiful CHUNKYWOOL XXL yarns, dyed with Oekotex 100 certified colours, enable you to create your own individual design. 
Order colour samples here free of charge to find exactly the right colour for your project.

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