On this page we provide you with video tutorials that Steffi from "Nadelgeklapper und mehr" has created especially for her Youtube channel and our customers. The tutorials are narrated in German language. 
She uses a total of 3 kilograms of "CHUNKYWOOL Premium Onion Red" (as of 02.12.21) and shows you in these videos how to...
...knit a blanket...
...knit a selvedge and plain right...
...knit garter stitch...
...and finally bind off and sew.

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Tutorial: Knitting a blanket

In her first tutorial video, Steffi shows you how to knit a blanket using CHUNKYWOOL.
Her blanket is knitted with 3 KG wool and has a size of about 110 x 125 cm.

Tutorial: selvedge / plain right

In the second tutorial video, Steffi knits the first row of the blanket, the cast-on row, with CHUNKYWOOL and shows how she knits stitches in plain right.

Tutorial: garter stitch

In the third tutorial video Steffi demonstrates how she knits garter stitch with CHUNKYWOOL.

Tutorial: binding off / sewing

In the fourth video of her tutorial series, Steffi shows you how to finish a CHUNKYWOOL knitted piece, i.e. how to bind off and knit a finishing edge.

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