Interesting facts about CHUNKYwool: your chunky wool for arm knitting in XXL size

- in general

CHUNKYwool XXL merino wool is not only thick, warm and fluffy, but it is also of absolute top quality and of selected origin. It has a perfect material quality, is a 100% natural product - soft, silky, does not fuzz and does not scratch. Therefore it does not irritate even sensitive skin and is hypoallergenic and antibacterial due to its natural material properties. Because the CHUNKYwool XXL wool is made of 100% fine Merino virgin wool. In addition, it can be superbly processed by hand.
CHUNKYwool quality - you should always pay attention to this when buying XXL Chunky wool
From 25 microns it gets scratchy! Not with CHUNKYwool, because with a delicate quality of about 19 - 21 microns, it is soft and fluffy.
Pollutant-free? Absolutely! CHUNKYwool XXL wool is dyed entirely with high-quality dyes in Europe; all tested for harmful substances according to the Oekotex 100 standard.
Animal-friendly? Most definitely! For CHUNKYwool, the respect for animals is fundamental, therefore our merino wool is mulesing-free.

Arm knitting with CHUNKYwool - just start with it
Arm knitting is both trendy and popular because it's easy. The XXL look is sleek and truly unique. There are no limits to your creativity - impress your friends, family and colleagues!
You don't need any additional accessories - you don't necessarily need any needles to create beautiful, individual projects with thick XXL wool - just relax with a cup of coffee or tea, or "cool" and relaxed with an ice-cold isontonic drink. ;)

And what can you possibly make out of CHUNKYwool?
Create XXL Chunky blankets, beanies, pillows, long and short scarves, jumpers, baby blankets and other "Chunky Knits" for your pet (e.g. cat baskets) in no time - there are no limits to your creativity.
All you need is CHUNKYwool in your favourite colour and your own hands!

Who is CHUNKYwool?
CHUNKYwool is a small company based in Ratingen in the county of Mettmann - between Düsseldorf and Essen. Our team consists of Daniel, Robert and Doreen
We carefully pack your ordered wool in individual processing, which we receive from our manufactory beforehand. CHUNKYwool is not a mass product - with us, everything gets a personal touch and our pure merino wool, when properly cared for, impresses with its quality and processing properties.
Due to our transparent processing, our high quality and our uncomplicated, friendly service, our previous customers are 100% satisfied with our CHUNKYwool merino wool - our return rate is currently close to 0%.

What is CHUNKYwool?
Our high-quality CHUNKYwool XXL merino wool is suitable for hand and arm knitting and comes exclusively from Australia and South America. There, merino sheep find the perfect climatic conditions to grow a soft, long wool coat. 
This results in the special surface texture:
Our wool consists of long fibres and therefore does not tear easily. 
It is not curly, but its structure is such that it is soft but also robust. 
And most importantly, we searched a long time for this product and finally found a wool that does not fluff

Due to current reason: Beware of Fake-Shop Frauds!

Some of our customers had to go through painful experiences, before they became satisfied CHUNKYwool customers.
Wool - supposedly cheaper - does not correspond to CHUNKYwool XXL Merino wool, neither in the above-mentioned surface quality nor in its processing properties. 
When it comes to merino wool, quality has its price: Raw materials are at a permanently high level.
Cheap giant XXL wools are mostly made of synthetic fibres and/or tend to fluff and pill.

CHUNKYwool is available in a variety of colours. If your preferred colour is missing, please let us know, either by eMail or by using the contact form.